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How To Introduce Yourself In UPSC Interview? Tips for Presenting Yourself at UPSC 2019 Interviews

UPSC Interview 2019 Introduction Tips

The personality test or the interview being the final stage of the UPSC examination is considered a gateway to the distinguished Civil Services. Only those candidates who have been summoned by the UPSC after clearing the mains examination are allowed to attend the interview. In the interview, the candidate is tested for critical thinking, aptitude and the ability to handle stress. UPSC interview is not a test of knowledge. The knowledge that you have gained in the UPSC preparation would suffice. It is a test of your ability to put the knowledge into use, your potential to assume the administrative role is tested by the panelists. Read on to understand the anatomy of the UPSC interview round.
Introduce Yourself in UPSC Interview 2019

The interview panel consists of the Chairman in addition to four other members. The Chairman of the interview board is always a member of the Union Public Services Commission. The other four members of the panel are more often than not, experts chosen from different fields by UPSC.

“The first impression is the best impression”. The impression that is created by you, at the beginning of the interview will set the tone for the questions that will follow.  The first step to creating a good impression is to remain calm and confident. What matters the most is your style of greeting, your attitude when you enter the interview room etc.  If you enter the room as an officer, you will surely walk out as one. Your ability to understand the board’s question, assess the issues or questions with clarity and answer with utmost honesty is of paramount importance. Here are a few pointers to help you introduce yourself in the interview and make the cut!

  • Have a gentle smile on your face, be cheerful.
  • Making eye contact with the panel members while answering will make you seem confident.
  • When asked to introduce yourself, give the panel members a brief history of your life. Your place of birth, educational institutions you were a part of etc., this will give them an idea of your overall lifestyle till date.
  • Throw light upon your academics and professional inclination. Make it a point to highlight your accomplishments.
  • Be very specific when it comes to your interests and hobbies. Ensure that you don’t give them a huge list of hobbies which you don’t really pursue. There are high chances that you will be asked many questions with respect to this segment.
  • It is impressive when one is clear about the aims and goals in life. Try to give a picture of where you see yourself, 5 years from now. You will surely be rewarded for the clarity in your aims.
  • Do not brag about your achievements. Make your introduction short and precise. It should not exceed 4-7 minutes.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to the UPSC interview. Be confident and honest while answering the panel’s questions. When you don’t know the answer, it is better to accept the fact and move on to the next question than to cook up an answer. The interview panel tests the candidate’s view about events of national and international significance. A person’s personal profile is also assessed based on the Detailed Application Form (DAF). Since these are probably the only predictable questions, make sure you go well prepared for it.

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